Website Package (for Authors)

As an author, your website/blog is the most fundamental building block of your online presence. Below is our proposal for setting up your website. In addition to the items listed below, we’ll also coach you through the implementation process so that you can become self-sufficient with uploading new blogposts.
  • Website domain registration

  • Website data hosting

  • Custom website design (e.g. colors, fonts, layout, graphics, etc.)

  • Custom header logo graphic

  • Large featured image for front page (may include book cover, author headshot, etc.)

  • Custom pages/tabs/categories (e.g. book’s feature page, author’s bio page, blogposts, etc.)

  • Content management system, enabling easy updating and new blog posting (We will teach you how to upload and edit your blogposts.)

  • Mobile responsive design (website will display optimally on mobile phones)

  • Discussion/commenting system (allows you to interact with your followers)

  • Keyword search system

  • E-commerce capability (i.e. Shopify purchase buttons for selling books, etc.)

  • E-mail contact form page with custom contact form

  • Search engine optimization system for every page

  • Analytics to track blog readership, website pageviews, and referral sources

  • Social media integration with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest, and/or YouTube

  • Regular software updates

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